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Before & After - Project

Here is my most recent project. The bedroom of an adorable 2-year-old. I started by sorting clothing into three categories; outgrown, current, and future. I packed up all the the outgrown items for donation. I stored all handed down items that were still too big for wearing and put them in a container in the closet. Finally all of the items that are currently the right size were sifted again. I sorted these items into styles; shorts, skirts, pants, T's, tanks, long sleeves, undies, socks, PJ's, and swimwear. Then each category got it's own drawer in the dresser. I loosely folded the items and stored them on their sides for easier viewing.

I hung some items including a chalk board at child height for this budding artist. I also went through all the items in the closet. The left side being the family's craft closet. I sorted, then labeled the existing drawers, shelves, and containers allowing mom to grab the proper supplies at a quick glance. The right side then became storage for the "future" sized clothes, and hanging space for special dress items, sweaters, and coats.

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  1. Wow! Looks great! Nice job!

    Sorting out the clothes doesn't seem to be something I find time for these days :)