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One of my recent clients posted some photos to her blog!

Haute Goat's Blog

And, check out her handmade scarves made from recycled cashmere sweaters!

This Week's Project...

This basement space serves as the homeowner's "garage". Sporting, painting, and gardening equipment along with storage of unused wall decor. We maximized the storage capabilities of the built in unit and paired down the additional boxes of unused items.

More pictures from the field...

Here is the partial completion of an artist studio space. The space was already organized to a degree. We focused on pairing down and prioritizing. I think the space is now much more useful and ready to inspire creativity.

Before & After - Project

Here is my most recent project. The bedroom of an adorable 2-year-old. I started by sorting clothing into three categories; outgrown, current, and future. I packed up all the the outgrown items for donation. I stored all handed down items that were still too big for wearing and put them in a container in the closet. Finally all of the items that are currently the right size were sifted again. I sorted these items into styles; shorts, skirts, pants, T's, tanks, long sleeves, undies, socks, PJ's, and swimwear. Then each category got it's own drawer in the dresser. I loosely folded the items and stored them on their sides for easier viewing.

I hung some items including a chalk board at child height for this budding artist. I also went through all the items in the closet. The left side being the family's craft closet. I sorted, then labeled the existing drawers, shelves, and containers allowing mom to grab the proper supplies at a quick glance. The right side then became storage for the "future" sized clothes, and hanging space for special dress items, sweaters, and coats.

Before & After - Project

This space is a playroom and home office. Top two pics are the home office section. We rearranged the furniture giving the family a little more room and sorted other items of importance into easily accessible locations. The bottom two photos are the B&A of the playroom section of the space. I reorganized and prioritized the items for easier use. I also relocated a book shelf that wasn't being used in another part of the home and put it to use.